Mulan Transformation Challenge

I really enjoyed our last project. Mulan is my favorite Disney childhood movie, that plays an important role in what I have become day, when I found out that soon they were going to release Mulan movie with real people I was so excited about it, I could wraith for it, but the lockdown happens and the movies closed so suddenly, my friend Chara who new my previous passion about Mulan had the idea to add her as a Disney character on my transformation challenge channel, what a nice idea we really had fun. But more impressive was how we created Mulan total look, I find the red skirt, the belt was an African wrap for hair, it happened that Chara’s cousin who is a fashion designer already had made a kimono that was exactly what we needed everything blended perfectly and most importantly we really had a great time.

How to style your braids.

That was fun! extremely tired from the entire day but we still had to try our best and create this video as we promised, of course all our negative feelings changed once we started recording. i believe it was like 1am when we began filming so it was a long night. but the video turned out to be really good so it was worth the effort. That's all about that night. About the video click on the "Watch now" to see different ways that you can style your braids, also it will be nice if you can leave a comment on what you would like to watch next. Enjoy.

Transformation Challenge #4 Wig installation with IDRA KAYNE.

Ιn this video before we start with transformation transformation we will show you some things about the differences in wigs, and in general we will talk about them in general. We will analyze them further in further videos. The video is followed by step by step wig placement. If you have a question you can leave it in the comments.

9 Differences between Half braids and Braids.

Hey there, in this video we are gonna talk about 9 Important information about half braids, and what they have in common with regular braids.

6 differences between Twisted and Braids plus Q&A.

The very first video with my big sis.i went for a visit in sweden , she was a good host, very hospitable, she made me feel like home and even agreed to create a video with me. since i had braids (half braids actually) and my sis had a twist I thought "why don't we talk about our hair styles differences? so we did and this is it. click on the watch now button and enjoy it.

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