The Most Frequently Asked Questions We Get About Box Braids Answered

We love box braids, and so do all of you. Recently we have had a boat load of questions about them so we decided to answer in a bit of a blog style FAQ. So with that said, here are the most frequently asked questions we get about box braids:

1. Should I get box braids if my hair is breaking or shedding?

Absolutely not! The first thing to consider before getting braids is if your hair can handle it or not. If your hair is breaking, shedding, or just isn’t in a good state we do not recommend getting them.Take the time to care for your hair weeks before getting this style. You may need to deep condition regularly and trim damaged areas because hiding the problem under braids will cause even more damage if you are not careful.

2. If box braids are a so-called protective style, then how could they cause damage?

Well, it depends on several things. It depends on who your braider is, the size of your braids, how tightly they are installed and the state of your hair (see above). Some braiders braid too tightly, causing loss of hair, scalp irritation, thin edges, and dry scalp. Braids that are too heavy can cause tension on your hair, edges and nape, which means as a protective style such braids are counter productive. 

3. What kind of hair should I use for my braids?

You get what you pay for is the number one rule! You should never go for the cheaper braiding hair that is pretty much a dollar a pack, but if you’re on a budget by all means try to be economical but smart.

The most popular brand being used is Expression because it is good quality braiding hair. According to most users and professional braiders, the brand doesn’t shed or thin. Expression can range from $5-$6 a pack depending on your hair store.

4. How many packs of braiding hair should I use?

It depends on the length and size of the braids you want. For example a braided bob — box braids with medium sized braids — will take 4-6 packs of braiding hair.

Long braids can range anywhere from 7-12 packs. The length of the braiding hair can also change the amount of packs you may need.

5. Where do I find the jewels that are seen on braids and faux locs?

Braid accessories can be found at your local beauty supply store just like ours. Wherever you buy your hair, just ask if they have the gold or silver jewel clamps for your braids. They are usually really cheap and can be used over and over if you take really good care of them.

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